Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top 5 Sky Views so far this Year

We begin with number 5:

Early in January we had some mid level clouds move in ahead of a weak front. The setting rays bounced off that light giving us beautiful orange and red hues. It was truly beautiful.

Number 4:
In April, cumulus clouds blocked some of the sunset providing these "Crepuscular Rays". The name crepuscular means "relating to twilight" and these rays are observed at sunrise and sunset.

Number 3:
This sunset happened in June under clear skies. As the sun goes down it leaves behind mostly red hues. This one was spectacular.

Number 2:
This one is one of my favorites. This is looking SW from our Channel 7 studios on Biscayne Bay. Those towering cumulus clouds are from thunderstorm over the Everglades very near Mainland Monroe. Its amazing how huge they look and how far away they are.

Number 1:
This one was taken on Thursday July 17th after a day heavy rain. The cloud cover cracked open just enough to allow the sun's rays to filer through. It was a beautiful end to a gray and damp day.

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