Thursday, March 14, 2013

Angel Cloud?

I have been getting tons of questions regarding the alleged "Angel cloud" seen in West Palm Beach, shortly after the new Pope was chosen.

According to many, it was a clear sign from heaven, maybe a message from God himself, showing his pleasure at the election of the first Latin American Pope.

So the questions have been raised, is it real? Is it an angel?

Let me begin by saying, if you believe and are a person of faith, then there is your answer.

Here are my observations:
  • We need to take into account the authenticity of the picture. We all know what can be done with photo-shop type programs.
  •  This appears to be a high level cloud from the Cirrus family.

Delicate fiber-like clouds consisting of ice crystals, at high altitude (typically between 4 - 8 miles high). Cirrus can take many forms, e.g. spissatus (opaque patch of cirrus, usually remnant of an old cumulonimbus anvil); vertebratus (a herringbone structure) and uncinus (comma-shaped whisps of cloud).

We have all seen shapes in clouds. When I was young one of my favorite pass times was to stare at the clouds and imagine rockets and flying saucers traveling through the sky. (I was a space age child).

Anything is possible if the lighting is correct, if the wind is just right, and you are in the correct spot to see a shape in a cloud.

Having said all that, it appears the cirrus is too close to the ground, less than the 4 - 8 mile altitude it usually resides in.

So back to the initial questions... I default to my initial statement, "if you believe and are a person of faith, then there is your answer."


  1. I am sure you have been getting tons of questions about this cloud. However, we already got our answer from the greatest meteorologist there ever was, Bill Kamal. He actually had time to answer people yesterday when this was relevant, unlike you, you poor misguided HACK.

  2. Hi anonymous. I am sure Bill offered an outstanding explanation. As far as the rest of your statement... the easiest thing in the world to do is to criticize. What is even more cowardly is to throw a stone and do it anonymously. If you have a fair comment, question, or concern, I am here for you.

  3. Anonymous, your a douchbag :)

  4. This was a good answer by Phil Ferro. What did Bill Kamal say about it. You could have mentioned it here, too.

  5. Wow that is so unnecessary and unkind words from anonymous, don't worry Phil you are the best of the best :)

  6. Phil, great response to both the viewers and anonymous who has nothing better to do than criticize! I applaud your response to him/her!

  7. Thank you all for your kind words.

  8. We love you Phil!! Keep up the good work. We all agree with the second Anonymous!!

  9. We love you phil your explanation was perfect

  10. Hey Phil I always enjoy your weather forecasting. You are a real professionaland have a good sense of humor.Keep up the good work you're doing. I miss you onthe Spanish channel.

  11. people are so unhappy