Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TD #2

Tropical Depression #2 was born on Monday out of an area of clouds and rain in the Central Atlantic over 2000 miles away from us.

As of Tuesday morning it remains rather weak with the possibilities of getting stronger fading away rather quickly.

As of the 11 am advisory, it has 35 mph winds, moving west at 17, and is roughly 900 miles east of the Lesser Antilles.

The color enhanced satellite imagery details where the strongest thunderstorms can be found. From time to time some bursts of red will pop up indicating the strongest activity.

So far most of that rain has been in a line to the west and east of the center.

This depression is fighting a losing game as it is surrounded by very dry air. This will continue to rob its potential for growth.  Some models have the depression falling apart in 48 hours.

If it does manage to survive the next 24 hours, NHC places it near the Lesser Antilles by Thursday morning as a weak area of low pressure.

Meanwhile our weather is being dominated by a wave in the SW Caribbean, a low to our north, and high pressure to the east.  All these features in one way or another are helping to drag and trap moisture here. Expect soggy conditions through Wednesday.

This water vapor imagery highlights all the dry air in brown (also impacting TD#2) sitting to our east, while we remain cloudy and damp.

Wednesday promises to be wet also, with slowly improving conditions by Thursday.

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