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Atlantic Sat Image
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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Late Season Action?

We are almost done with hurricane season, that being the end of this month, yet Mother Nature is keeping us a little busy.  Two areas are being watched for possible development. One has not even materialized yet, and the second is in the Western Caribbean Sea. The "Worry Factor" is zero regarding any of these systems making it to Florida.

The area being watched near Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti is being forecast by models to maybe develop over the weekend.

 There is nothing there now but NHC says there is a 20% chance that an area of low pressure will develop just north of the area.

It will be a tad difficult, though not impossible, for systems to develop since we are in the middle of an El NiƱo year.

This phenomenon helps cut the tops down of any developing system.  All we can do is watch, wait and see what happens.

If it does make it, it will probably move northwest until upper winds begin pushing it back out to Sea.

The second area, is a low in the Western Caribbean Sea.

It should provide rain over the Yucatan, then move into the Gulf of Mexico, where it may dump rain across the Gulf States and finally get absorbed by a front.

This front may bring us rain here by the weekend.

We'll keep you posted.