Thursday, July 10, 2014

Polar Vortex Again?

It appears the push of Cold Arctic Air we have come to know as the "Polar Vortex", will make an unscheduled summer appearance by early next week. This time however, its just the jet stream's fault.

The jet stream, which is like a strong river of wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere, will take a dip South and drag cold air with it. This event will not be as brutally cold as its winter appearance but none the less, temps will be running a good 20° - 30° below average.   Lows are projected to hover in the 40's with highs in the 60's.

Most folks in the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest are used to this kind of weather, but after such a brutal winter, this is almost a cruel joke by Mother Nature.

The out of season cool temps will not stop there, they will make a turn towards the East and arrive at the Coast by the middle of next week. The Summer Chill may last through next Friday.

Any cool air here?
None of this delightfully cool air will make it here. As a matter of fact, we are forecast to remain in our soggy pattern for quite a while.


  1. That stinks we need to dip into the high 70's for at least a day

  2. I wish we could, but unfortunately the dip in the jet will not be South enough for us to get some of that cool air.