Monday, July 28, 2014

Invest 93

A tropical wave almost 3,000 miles away from us in the Eastern Atlantic is being eyed by NHC. They are giving it a 30% chance for development over the next 48hours, but a 70% throughout the next 5 days.

As of the Monday afternoon NHC update, they suggest t-storm activity has increased with this tropical wave, but it still remains disorganized.  The thinking is that over the next 120 hours environmental conditions will become a bit more favorable for it to get its act together. Some models suggest it may become Tropical Storm "Bertha" during that time frame.

This wave, deemed Invest 93, (NHC would like to INVESTigate it further), is traveling west at around 10-15 mph.

This enhanced colorized satellite view shows you just how much t-storm activity there is with this wave. The darker the colors, the more activity, and a possible early sign it's trying to develop.

The long range models: If everything stays as is, it should impact the Leeward Islands in about 5 days, after that still too early.  This system could dump heavy rain across the islands with gusty winds.

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