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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Viking Apocalypse

What?  The end of the world again? 

Yes if you're a Viking… that day is called "Ragnarok" and its happening this Saturday.

Ok, so this one is more mythical than anything else. The Vikings believed that one day there would be a final battle between the Gods and the humans, spelling the end of us all. My translation capabilities are not what they used to be so here goes….

These are the main protagonists:

  • "Surf", the fire giant
  • "Midgard" the Mighty Water Serpent
  • "Fenrir" the wolf (there's always a wolf in old tales!)
  • "Thor" of course we know from the movies…
  • and a host of other deities and giants

Act 1:
So hot footed "Surf" begins by setting all the land on fire.

Not to be outdone, "Midgard" begins to splash its tail sending huge tsunami-like waves everywhere.

Then "Fenrir" the wolf, who for some unknown reason is chained, breaks free and starts causing all sorts of havoc. It will eventually swallow the sun and moon and kill the God "Odin".

Act 2:
The ever popular and handsome "Thor" doesn't make it past the second act as he dies in battle along with "Midgard" the serpent.

Many more Gods die in a brutal bloody battle. Finally the only one left is "Surf" who celebrates by setting the rest of the planets on fire. (Way to go hot foot! By the way that's him in the picture above)

Act 3:
The God Odin makes a comeback (???) he tells us he can predict Ragnarock and avoid the end of the world.

He points to the signs leading up to this event, signs that can avoid the earth's destruction.

  • There will be a long winter lasting three years full of wars in which brothers will kill brothers
  • A beautiful red rooster by the name of "Fjalar" will warn the giants that Ragnarock is coming

If the world does end, legend has it that a new one will rise from the water, beautiful and green. (Thank goodness)

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