Friday, September 2, 2011


We will watch Tropical Storm Lee make its way slowly though the Gulf States. It is encountering some shear on the western side of the storm and that should keep it in check as far as additional growth.

The satellite imagery illustrates how all the cloud cover and rainfall is happening on the eastern side of the storm. The western edge is exposed to the elements allowing drier air to filter in and keeping Lee from getting any stronger.

Models do not show the shear weakening through the duration of Lee.

Because it will be moving so slow in the days ahead, the area can expect huge amounts of rain.

The above forecast amounts are for the upcoming 48 hour period, or through Sunday night. From Pensacola, Florida through Mobile, Alabama and in through New Orleans, Louisiana the amounts range between six and nine inches. Long range outlooks suggest as much as 20 inches by the time Lee moves out.

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