Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lee is done, not its wrath

Ex-Lee update: 93,000 customers out statewide, as heavy soaking rains continue to bring trees down across Alabama.

NHC has issued its last advisory on Tropical Storm Lee. It was downgraded to a depression on Sunday while it slowly moved away from the Gulf States now aiming  for the Tennessee Valley.

This remnant low will continue to produce enormous amounts of rain. Total accumulations might reach 15 - 20 inches through Tuesday.

The Tennessee Valley and the Southern Appalachians could see 4-8 with isolated amounts of up to 10 inches in the days ahead. This will lead to flooding fears just like that experienced in many parts of Coastal Louisiana.

As the storm pulls away there is still one more worry according to the National Hurricane Center, "When a tropical storm makes landfall, it's common for it to form spin off tornadoes. In this case, the threat of twisters is from Louisiana to Mississippi, Georgia and Florida, adding insult to injury," said Dennis Feltgen. spokesperson for NHC.

Now we wait and see what damages Ex-Lee will deliver on it's new path.

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