Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Depression 13

There is a brand new depression in the Gulf of Mexico, the 13th of the season. A recon plane flew into it overnight and found a weak  depression with much of the rain on the Eastern side of the center.

A high pressure system to the north will keep TD 13 in the Gulf today, but models still agree at weakness developing in the atmosphere for TD 13 to take. Even as this road opens, it will not move quickly. TD 13 will travel very slowly over Louisiana dumping plenty of rain. That is the big worry with this system, not the winds. We can expect up to 10-15 inches of rain   (some areas as much as 20), falling during the next 5 days.

The changing graphic below courtesy of the New Orleans Local Weather office, highlights the major impacts from this system across the area. They are broken down as WIND, RAIN, FLOODING.

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  1. Could be worse? We could be at work ...............