Friday, August 1, 2014

Tropical Storm Bertha

Tuesday morning "Bertha" remains a few hundred miles east of Barbados and Martinique with top winds at 45 mph. Many advisories are in place for the Lesser Antilles.

It has very good surface circulation with showers and storms developing on the southern and eastern sides of the center of circulation.

It is holding its own even as dry air to the north and medium wind shear try to knock it down.

A recon plane is investigating "Bertha" to get a better handle on its health.

"Bertha" should impact the islands over the next two days . If it doesn't get any stronger (most models keep it as a storm) it should dump much needed rain over the region.

From Puerto Rico through Barbados, they've been dealing with water shortages since last year.

Once it moves into the Atlantic, the Bahamas should get a slightly stronger Tropical Storm as the shear is forecast to be lighter and the ocean temperatures a little warmer.

This could be just enough to allow "Bertha" a little intensification.

South Florida:
The same stationary front across Northern Florida should act as a wall blocking "Bertha" from entering the area.

The official cone of concern keeps the system offshore through its duration

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