Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bertha over Bahamas / Rain over Florida

Bertha remains as a tropical storm impacting the Southeastern Bahamas. It has been mostly cloudy and rainy with some on and off gusty winds.

Parts of the Dominican Republic can still expect additional rainfall with the Turks and Caicos seeing between 1-3 inches.

A recon plane Sunday afternoon indicated the low level circulation is looking a little better.

This, along with models suggesting the upper level shear should weaken over the next few days, could allow Bertha a small window for intensification.

All models agree it will steer away from the East Coast and remain a headache only for shipping lanes throughout its history.

There is a slight possibility it could reach hurricane status by Wednesday, but by then it will be entering the cold waters of the Northern Atlantic so it may not last too long after that.

The satellite imagery shows yet another area of disturbed weather dumping lots of rain across South Florida . It will stick around through Tuesday keeping our skies rather cloudy with damp conditions Expecting drier days from Wednesday onward.

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