Monday, June 25, 2012

Debby weaker, but not moving

Tropical Storm Debby is a little weaker this Monday and staying put in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.  The center is about 100 mi Southeast of Pensacola, but there is very little rain there, most of the activity is to the east.

Our impacts will be from that tail of clouds that extends from Central Florida southeast to the Yucatan Peninsula.  It will continue to draw moisture our way and cause anytime downpours.

This is a great example of how much trouble even a weak Tropical Storm can cause. Heavy rain and flooding has been reported across Central and Northern Florida.  We have seen our fair share of strong storms due to Debby.

The latest:

  • Debby is now away from the hottest area of the Gulf of Mexico, which means it should not grow any stronger.
  • Having said that, as long as the center remains over water, it has a chance for intensification, or at least to remain as a storm a few more days.

Where will it go?

  • The reason for this uncertain outlook is because Debby is stuck between 2 high pressure systems and until they move, Debby will stay put.

The cone of uncertainty now includes parts of South Florida. This has so far been one interesting storm to track.

The models are finally getting a better idea. The best projections right now call for some strong upper winds to dive out of the northeast and finally push Debby out into the Atlantic. That may not happen for 3-5 days.

Stay tuned for the latest

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