Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pre-Season System

Hurricane season doesn't officially start until June, yet NHC is already keeping tabs on a disturbance way out in the Atlantic. This area of clouds and rain should only be a worry for shipping lanes, but is does serve as a reminder that we should all be getting ready.

So here is the feature:  It's around 460 miles Southwest of the Azores in the Far Eastern Atlantic.  NHC says there is some potential for this to grow stronger over the next few days, but even if it does, it should bother no one .

It looked better on Saturday, this Mother's Day it is getting more and more disorganized and NHC is lowering its chances for development from 40% down to 20%.

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The models are fairly consistent that it will remain over open waters.

This is the time of year we encourage everyone to prepare. Even though most long range outlooks suggest a near normal season, it only takes one.  In 1992, we only had one storm that struck South Florida, and that was "Andrew".

The channel 7 hurricane map and guide is full of helpful reminders and handy tips to help you survive a storm. You should be able to pick up your free copy at Publix, shortly.

Meanwhile, hurricane season in the Eastern Pacific begins May 15th, and they are also eyeing a potential system.  This one is located 600 miles SSW of Manzanillo, Mexico. It has a good chance for growth . It should remain away from land.

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