Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Alberto" trying to hang on

Tropical Storm "Alberto", is roughly 225 miles East of Jacksonville, FL with top winds of 40 mph.  It is now moving East with an eventual turn to the northeast over the next 24 hours.

The latest image to the lest shows how the upper clouds are being ripped away from the low level swirl.

It is a small system barely hanging on to tropical storm status. A recon plane is scheduled to check up on the patient this afternoon.

Even though "Alberto" is sitting over the Gulf Stream, a great source of heat energy, it is surrounded by very dry air and its chances for strengthening further are almost non existent.

Strong upper level winds are also shearing the storm keeping it from getting stronger.  Most of the gusty winds are offshore the Florida coast.

"Alberto" should at least remain as a Tropical Storm for a day or so as it sits over warm Atlantic waters.

What to Expect: 
Once strong upper winds begin to push "Alberto" away, they will weaken it and move it northeast into the Western Atlantic, where it will remain a worry for shipping lanes.

WSVN will air a hurricane preparedness special on June 1st. See you then.

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