Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Alberto" moves very little

Tropical Storm "Alberto" is NOT looking healthy this evening.  A recon plane could not find winds  stronger than 40 - 45 mph. It is barely a tropical storm battling dry air and upper level shear.

The Tropical Storm Watch from the Savannah River south to the Santee River in South Carolinahas been cancelled.

The satellite imagery above gives you a good idea of "Alberto's" health.  There is a cluster of t-storms along a line stretching from the coast to inland portions of Georgia Very little rain is being reported, and any strong winds are sitting off shore.

What to expect:
Most models say "Alberto" will stall along the coast Sunday night. It should not get stronger as dry air sits just to its north and strong upper level winds out of the W/SW are shearing the system apart.

Models suggest that in about 24 hours, strong upper level winds will shoot out of the East Coast, and nudge "Alberto" out to open water.  By then, it could have lost its tropical characteristic, but still be a worry for marine interests.


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