Monday, April 30, 2012

More rain

No matter how you look at it , we are in for a few more wet days.  There is plenty of moisture across the area slowly making its way.....   thats the problem.  Models have been so off forecasting this event.  One day it shows rain moving away, then moving back, one moment they say heavy rain, not so much the next.   The reality is, its been raining in many areas since Saturday.

Miami had record rain on Sunday with 2.86", but many areas had more. For example Homestead received around 3 inches of rain. On the other hand, Ft. Lauderdale which is running a rain deficit, only accumulated a little better than half an inch over the last 24 hours.

Regardless of what the models say, we all expect the pockets of heavy rain to continue. Many areas of South Florida are saturated and any more rain will quickly flood streets. Because of this there is a Flood Watch in effect until Monday night. Drive carefully.


  1. We live in Fort Lauderdale and have just watched the weather. You stated that Fort Lauderdale only has had a trace of rain. Does this report come from the air port? We have had several inches , in the last 2 days. We know this because we have an above the ground pool and it was over flowing the top. We have already let out around 4 inches and it is ready to over flow again. We thank you for your time. Peg and Tony Anthony

  2. Sorry for the delay in my response. The official rain gauges are at the Intl Airports. So if the rain gauge at Ft. Lauderdale Intl registers only half an inch of rain, yet 2 blocks away 1 foot fell, what goes in the history books is the half inch. It doesn't really give you the complete picture. We try to look at unofficial gauges in schools, fire stations, lock and dams for an overall look.