Thursday, August 11, 2011

Obiwan is on stand-by

In a Galaxy far, far away (sorry my kids are watching Star Wars for the umbillionth time) there are two disturbances. NHC is calling these two features in the Eastern Atlantic INVEST 92L and INVEST 93L.

Typically, these areas of clouds and rain are about 2 weeks away from us, assuming they actually develop and head for South Florida. The Force has to be with them. (couldn't help it).  They have to survive the Saharan Air Layer, which has been the doom of many systems this season, while at the same time avoiding hostile atmospheric Storm Troopers. (I mean strong upper winds).

92L is a few hundred miles Southwest of the Cape Verde Islands and promises some development down the road, but most long range models keep this system weak with a gradual turn to Bermuda.

The second system, 93L, just off the West Coast of Africa, is our Young Luke Skywalker. It has the potential to become a worry along the way. It appears to be moving farther South and away from the African dust. Models develop it into a storm that could, in around 5-7 days, threaten the Lesser Antilles.

I am hoping Yoda will "well teach 93L hmmm",  (Saying that last line with a Yoda accent may help) and show him the way away from any landmass. But Darth Vader and the Evil Hurricane Emperor are out there somewhere and they could stir things up as we move into the most active part of storm season.


  1. Great laugh reading the "Factor" today ;)

  2. Glad you liked it. I think I know every line in the movie by heart! Thanks