Saturday, August 13, 2011

Following Four

NHC is now following T.S. Franklin, T.D. #7 and two other features. The good news, the one that might have posed a threat to us down the road is falling apart.

Franklin is a minimal storm moving away from any landmass. It should only be a worry for the shipping lanes.

T.D. 7 should track near Bermuda in the days ahead. They should also be on the lookout for the orange area as well, as it appears it too could be heading there soon. 

The last system highlighted in yellow with a minimal chance for development, is the one we were keeping an eye on. If it were to survive and  strengthen, the models keep it moving west and near the Lesser Antilles in about 5 days. Too far away for a worry right  now, but still, it could eventually be a threat to the islands if it does grow into a tropical cyclone. I must note that as of this writing it looks highly disorganized and may be done by Sunday.

By the way, WSVN has a great hurricane tracker. Click on the link below for the latest. It is fully customizable with the latest cone, models, and satellite pictures.

WSVN Hurricane tracker

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