Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The tropics are getting very active as evidenced by the two tropical Storms NHC is tracking. We now have Bret and Cindy, none of which should grow any stronger or last that long. Both are only a worry for the shipping lanes.

NHC is also watching one vigorous tropical wave in the far Eastern Atlantic. Models are hinting that this feature could become a tropical depression/storm in about 7 days and be very close to the Bahamas.

Here is some inside info. I didn't mention that on the air because the models that are hinting this are some of the ones under-perfoming this year and so far, are not that reliable. The CMC is one of those under-performing this year and is the one presented below.

Notice the big orange blobs in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific... those are high pressure domes. They tend to push tropical systems along. Now look at the small tight circle near the Bahamas, that is a tropical system. This is forecast out 144 hours.   Lets see what happens
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Then there is a tropical wave and an upper low over Hispaniola. Water vapor imagery is showing some moisture with this feature. It is traveling west. If it holds, it could drag more moisture over our area and bring with it a chance for rain over the next few days.  But remember, waves are very fickle and it could fall apart very quickly. We'll keep you posted.

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