Thursday, July 7, 2011

Invest 96L is here

...and done! A huge and somewhat organized area of clouds and rain that had been sitting over us the last few days is almost dead. It developed into an area of low pressure West of Tampa. NHC is now giving it a 0, yes 0% chance that it could become a depression during the next 48 hours as it drifts northward. This is down from a 40% chance on Thursday evening. NHC had deemed it an area worthy of investigation calling it INVEST 96L, but this is no more.

The old model runs showed the feature moving north and dragging plenty of moisture.

Long range models suggest this may actually be a blessing in disguise, as much of the associated rainfall will be East of the center.  This means that much of Central Florida could get beneficial rain and put a big dent in our drought.

While this low continues to move away, skies will clear for us, but still expect a few t-storms developing off the sea breeze.

Models hint at improving or drier conditions  but I wouldn't be surprised if we see more rain by the middle of next week. With all this rain over the last few days, all the foliage across South Florida is saying "Ahhhhh!, it feels so good!".

In other Tropical News:
Near Hispaniola, there is a vigorous wave that will dump more rain over the, already drenched, Haiti and Dominican Republic.

Near the Equatorial Atlantic there was another area of disturbed weather that NHC  gave a 10% chance for growth earlier , but that has mostly fallen apart. As of this moment, they don't expect much from it other than rain for the Windward Islands.

Lets hope this is the case with all the activity this year. We can use the rain, but not everything else that typically comes with a tropical system, for now, keep those umbrellas handy.

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