Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Arlene formed in the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday evening. High pressure to the North will continue to push it West making landfall across Eastern Mexico sometime on Thursday. Even though models show it will stay as a tropical storm when it moves inland, there is a small possibility it could grow to a Cat 1 just before landfall.

There is plenty of moisture associated with this system. Most models hint at some of that rain moving here on Wednesday.

As far as Arlene is concerned, it could be just what Mexico needed. They are in the middle of the worst drought in over 70 years. They can expect 4-6 inches of rain maybe even 12 inches across the mountains. This is good, but it could cause land and mud slides as well as coastal flooding. Hoping for the best for them.

I'll bring you the latest as warranted.

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