Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Arlene hitting Mexico

Arlene has a chance to grow into a hurricane before it makes landfall over Central Mexico on Thursday. It is getting better organized as upper winds relax, and it soaks up fuel from the warm Gulf waters.

A recon plane said Arlene is also slowing down and the center should come ashore sometime Thursday afternoon.

Arlene's heavy rains are already impacting Central Mexico. Local emergency officials are telling us that around 200,000 people would be hit with the worst the storm has to offer. On the image below you can see the storms outer bands pushing into the Country. Some rainfall totals could be as high as 12-15 inches, this will lead to land and mudslides. Our thoughts are with our friends and neighbors in Mexico.

Parts of central Mexico have been dealing with the worst drought in 70 years, this rain should help that situation.

Another concern is the oil refineries dotting the Mexican coast. These platforms supply the USA with crude oil, if the system gets any stronger, some of those structures could be damaged. I'll keep you posted.

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