Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Saharan Dust both good and bad

Why is this haze good at keeping hurricanes at bay, but bad for your health?

As you noticed on Tuesday, our skies had a milky look to them. This is because sand from the Saharan desert has made it all the way into South Florida.

This happens when huge storms whip up the sand in the Sahara, sending it upwards into the upper levels of the atmosphere where it is pushed our way by strong upper level winds.  This dust cloud can be detected on special satellite imagery. You can see the huge plume of orange and yellow coming off Africa and heading West. 
The good:
This cloud of dust keeps the atmosphere across the Atlantic mostly dry not allowing any storms to form that could develop into hurricanes.

The bad:
The dust is an irritant and can worsen the condition of people who suffer from respiratory issues. Try to remain indoors if you can, in air-conditioned dwellings.
The dust will keep us dry for the next few days preventing any cooling rain showers to develop, so expect the stifling heat to continue.   


  1. philipe when can we see a ( cooler weather becuase it is so Hot that we can not do nothing outside.

  2. Maybe by next week temps will come down to near average. Plus a better chance for showers then, will help cool us down a bit.