Thursday, July 7, 2016

Super Typhoon Nepartak

UPDATE: Just getting first view of Nepartak's aftermath in Taiwan.

One of the strongest storms so far this year by the name of Nepartak, struck Taiwan on Thursday with whipping winds, blinding rain, and storm surge. Nepartak translates to "warrior" in the local Micronesian language, and it is truly waging war, going ashore with category four winds of up to 150 mph and gusts topping 185 mph.

This satellite image shows how well organized the system is with symmetrical banding and a small and compact eye. 

Even areas far from the center will feel its wrath over the next 24 hours until its interaction with land starts to weaken it.

The eye of this Super Typhoon dropped 4-9 inches of rain, with hourly rates reaching from 1 to 3 inches in parts of central and southern Taiwan. 

Nepartak is being considered the strongest landfall in almost half a century.

Color enhanced infrared imagery, gives us an idea as to where the heaviest rain can be found. The dark red region is where the torrential downpours are coming down. 

The thin white circle around the eye is the "eye wall", where you can find the strongest winds.This is a ring of destruction capable of incredible damage wherever it goes.

Typhoon warnings remain in place for the time being, across the mountains, central Taiwan as well as the coast.

In the Western Pacific, hurricanes are known as Typhoons, and major hurricanes are called Super Typhoons

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