Friday, July 26, 2013

T.S. Dorian, good news-bad news

The Good News:

Over the last 24 hours, dry air has played a key role in weakening the tropical storm.

It looks very disorganized, and it most definitively lacks that standard cyclone look.

The dry air slot in the atmosphere should remain in place another 24 hours or so further depriving Dorian of the moist environment it needs to survive and grow.

It is still moving west/northwest at a steady clip not giving it a chance to soak up any heat energy from the ocean.

The Bad News:

Dorian may fall apart altogether over the next 48 hours bringing to an end this chapter, but if it survives, it still has the islands in its path.

NHC still places Dorian near the Leewards by Mon-Tue, being pushed there by the Bermuda high.
All we can do is watch.

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