Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chantal, what's next?

As of early Wednesday morning, Chantal is poorly organized with minimal tropical storm force winds. Some shear has taken its toll and its fast forward speed has not given it the chance to intensify, even traveling over the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Still, there are some t-storms trying to develop along the poorly defined center of circulation. This may be a last gasp measure to survive.

A recon mission will determine later today whether "Chantal" is still a tropical entity, it could very well have degenerated into nothing more than a wave.

If that's the case, stop here, and the blog is done.

But if it's still hanging around by Wednesday night, then we could see something of "Chantal" here by the weekend.


  • It should make landfall near the Western tip of Haiti with some pockets of heavy rain that could result in flooding, land and mudslides.
  • It's next stop would be along Central Cuba, where it would dump more rain over the area. Here too there is another large mountain chain that could further weaken whatever is left of Chantal.
  • If its still with us by Friday morning, it could bring us rain over South Florida with breezy conditions for Saturday and Sunday.

The only fly in the ointment, would be that it must cross over the very warm waters of the Gulf Stream Current to get here, and that could provide some fuel for growth.

As with any tropical system, just keep monitoring it and stay informed.

IF IT REMAINS AS A TROPICAL SYSTEM: This is the forecast cone.

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