Monday, October 24, 2011

Hurricane Rina

Topical Storm Rina was classified as a Hurricane Monday afternoon. It appears nothing may stop its growth process over the next few days. Here are the reasons why.

  •  It's moving slowly absorbing plenty of tropical heat.
  • Sea surface temps are hovering in the mid-80's. This is the fuel for tropical engines to grow
  • Very little shear in the upper levels (As of now, could change later on)
  • Dry air to the North not impacting it (Could keep it in check in three days)

Models are still not in agreement. We expect a front to push into the Gulf Waters over the next 5 days. A few of the models bounce Rina off the front and into Central America, others keep it hovering in the Caribbean Sea, while others aim it toward South Florida.
Hopefully within the next few days, they will come into agreement as to where Rina will go.

The official forecast from NHC takes this into account and keeps Rina near Central America and Mexico over the next 3 days. By Friday it begins a turn East... but where it may end up is still uncertain. It could be anywhere between the Caribbean Sea, West Cuba, or even the Gulf of Mexico.



  1. Wow, reminds me of Wilma...Bye-bye Halloween

  2. Sure does. Let's hope she doesn't come here.

  3. peps beware and besafe mother nature has been kind to us so heed her warnings