Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wet by the end of the week?

We are watching a wave by the Southeastern Bahamas, and a front that will eventually move towards the Mid-Atlantic States.

For the short term through Thursday:
We will remain hot and steamy with mostly inland storms. You can see on the first map, high pressure dominating our weather with a nice east coast breeze. Rainfall should stay across SW Florida.

Wetter by the end of the week and through the weekend:
On the second map you can see the wave will move to the west, with very little impact, but it may leave just enough moisture in its wake to give us a chance at some showers. The big alleged rainmaker, according to the models, will be a front moving into the Southeast that will help trap moisture over us and give us a better chance for rain.  Heavy rainfall is expected across the Southeast and East Coast.

We need the rain:
Since January 1st, Miami has seen 13.60" of rain. Average is 22.75". We are running a deficit of -9.15"
Since January 1st, Ft. Lauderdale  has seen 14.93" of rain. Average is 25.19". A deficit of -10.26"
Key West is actually on the plus side since the start of the year with 1.28" surplus.