Thursday, June 4, 2015

Possible rainy days

Friday is here and the weekend is just around the corner. The kids are out of school and its time for outdoor activities... well Mother Nature may have other plans, and this outlook may have a Pacific connection.

Hurricane "Blanca" has been sitting just west of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean, no threat to us, and hopefully it will weaken considerably before moving close to Baja California. As it falls apart due to some strong Upper Winds, those same winds could send "Blanca's" moisture our way.

At one time, this hurricane was a category four system with 140 mph winds. It has since weakened to 100 mph, still a category two capable of plenty of damage.

By the time it reaches Baja California it should come down to Tropical Storm status.

 Soggy set-up:

On the big view satellite image, one can see "Blanca", a tropical wave just west of Central America, and an area of low pressure just to the West of Cuba.

But take a close look at clouds coming off the northern periphery of "Blanca". These clouds are getting pushed in our direction by the subtropical jet stream. 

This will be responsible for weakening "Blanca" but it could also drag moisture our way. Add to that the low off Cuba that is also heading here, and we could have enough ingredients for a soupy mess.

Following the Subtropical Jet:
If this recipe remains intact we could start seeing more clouds and scattered pockets of rain on Friday with a better chance for rain over the weekend.

Some long range models hint at the moisture getting stuck over South Florida throughout the early part of next week. 

This rainy scenario is par for the course this time of year as June is the rainiest month followed by September and August.  Make sure you keep your umbrella handy.

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