Monday, June 15, 2015

A New Tropical Storm?

An earlier recon mission did not find a well defined center of circulation in the broad low sitting basically in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

NHC, however, suggests that the spiral banding is looking better and it could become a depression or a Tropical storm by tonight. Another recon mission set for 8pm could give us the definitive answer. If it does become a Tropical Storm, it will carry the name of "Bill".

Even if it does not develop, tropical storm force winds could start impacting Coastal Texas by tonight. The big worry will be the rain with some models indicating as much as 5-7 inches over the next few days... some isolated areas may go as high as double digits. This will lead to flash flooding as the ground is saturated from last week's drought busting rains.

Where is it headed?
Most models keep it over Texas, then turn it east aiming for the Middle Atlantic States and the Northeast.

We will remain hot with a chance for some afternoon storms. In other words, our typical summer-like pattern.

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