Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Recon on Stand-by

A hurricane hunter plane is on stand-by for Wednesday afternoon if need be to check out the area of disturbed weather to our east. There are plenty of clouds and rain extending from the Caribbean, through Florida, the Bahamas, and into the Western Atlantic. If there was a center to this mess its just north of the Bahamas.

This blob  will continue to provide us with very wet moments, and then dry lulls at least until the end of the week.

Because we may get some heavy rain, there is always the potential for street flooding.
Since it is windy at the beach, the threat of Rip Currents will remain present.  

What is NHC saying ?
Aside from the potential recon mission tomorrow, the info is limited. They have been providing only one briefing a day. The next one will be issued Wednesday morning at 10 am.

 They think that over the next 2 days this disturbance has a 20% chance that it could become something stronger. They also give it a 40% chance that it could grow stronger between days 3 and 5.

If it turns into anything at all, it will do so East and away from Florida. Spaghetti models, or any model, at this stage of the game is pure guess work. Since nothing has developed, there is nothing to forecast.

Aside from some rain and rough seas I believe we will stay away from whatever, if anything, develops. This is a good reminder however that hurricane season is just around the corner starting June 1st.

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