Monday, April 14, 2014

National Hurricane Conference Day 1

There's nothing like a good 4 hour road trip to help you weed out all the stuff on your play list you no longer want to hear.

After an early start, fuel up, turnpike drive, midway stop for a snack/pit-stop, more turnpike driving… I finally arrived at my destination, the Orlando Hilton near SeaWorld.

Today I have caught up with old colleagues, emergency managers, and a few experts, in anticipation of what we may learn over the next few days.  

The buzz seems to be all about the forecast, or the lack of anticipated activity for the 2014 season. (But as you know, nothing is ever set in stone with Mother Nature).

I just finished lunch and its time to attend one of the many EMS sessions presented this afternoon. Its always good to hear, see, and get an appreciation of everything these professionals have to consider and go through when managing a hurricane threat. Who to evacuate, when, and at what cost. It almost makes hurricane forecasting seem easy.

Tuesday will be an early start, with a presentation by Colorado State University's Dr. William Gray and his assistant Dr.Philip Klotzbach and their assessment of how active 2014 might be. We already know they are calling for a below average season, but now we are going to find out why.

By mid-morning its off to a great historical session on Florida Hurricane's history reviewing such events as hurricane Charlie's west coast impact and the 10th anniversary of Florida's four hurricane strikes! Did we learn anything? More on that tomorrow.

There's also a brief one on one interview with the director of the hurricane center, Dr. Richard Knabb. I'm hoping to get his inside views on the upcoming season as well as a good explanation of all the changes NHC has coming this year.

The big presentation (at least for this weather enthusiast), will be the afternoon talk on advanced storm surge and hurricane forecasts. They'll touch base on Intensity Forecast Models, and my favorite… wait for it…. Knowing your Datums and Psurge! You'll need to wait for that one as well.

Will catch up again on Tuesday.



  2. Hi Jacqueline. Here learning more stuff in Orlando. Hoping for a safe hurricane season.

  3. "I Love hurricane season" really? You must own a publix or Winn Dixie then.

  4. Thanks for keep us posted on the conference. It's almost like we're there. Love the way you not only tell us what's going on, you teach us the whys and hows of events. Be Safe and looking for forward to learning more.

  5. Hola Phil. gracias por el reporte, espero el de mañana. Siempre me ha gustado la manera que dás el pronóstico y toda la cobertura en época de huracanes.

  6. I think that this year we are going to have more hurricanes than last year. I also believe that Florida is going to get hit with a hurricane, That's just what I think. I am already starting to check and get ready for the hurricane season. That Hotel is awesome !! we stayed there last year.

  7. Hi Phil, this year in your hurricane special can you show some cool gadgets from this year hurricane conference and can you show a "backstage look" at the 7 weather office when a Hurricane threatens our area, like how you guys get the info, what type of computers or materials or instruments (if any) you use etc.. I've always been interested in seeing how you guys get the information and how crazy it gets backstage when a system threatens our area.