Thursday, April 17, 2014

Know your Zone

Final Day of 2014 Hurricane Conference

If there is one thing I can take away from this year's conference is that you should "Know your zone".

It basically means to be aware if you live in an evacuation zone. This is key to being storm ready.  Most evacuation orders are issued based on water threat alone. Wind is but a small part of the damage that can be caused by a hurricane.

Water is the number 1 killer during a storm, a far greater threat than wind or hurricane formed tornadoes.

Storm surge takes the highest toll on human life, followed closely by flooding from heavy rains.

The remaining threats are real, but they are not as severe as the water based dangers.

I thought I was ok where I live, miles away from the coast, until I was informed that storm surge can travel 40, 50, even 60 miles inland… this is why its so important to know your evacuation zone.

In our upcoming hurricane special we will have a complete report on all the evacuation zones in South Florida.

New this year, NHC will use what they call a "Graphical Tropical Outlook".

It will give us an idea of what areas may develop tropical activity up to 5 days out.

Even if there are multiple areas of concern over the Atlantic Basin, you will be able to view each individual area and see what may come of it.

DO NOT get confused by the highlighted areas. While they make look like the cone of concern, they are not.  They will just reflect the area where something may develop.  Its just an early detection system.

It sure was nice brain storming, sharing ideas, and concerns with colleagues from across town and the nation.  I learned plenty from the best at the National Hurricane Center. I thank Dr. Richard Knabb, director of NHC, and his great staff for helping us to keep you safe.

Left to Right: Yours truly, Roland Steadham, Max Mayfield, Brian Norcross, Rob Jone
Remember, even though it appears we may get a below average hurricane season… it only takes one. 1992 was a below average season and we got hit with Andrew.

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