Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin

As of 4:30 Sunday afternoon, what had been tropical depression three was upgraded to Tropical Storm "Colin". This makes it the earliest Tropical Storm on record to form in the Atlantic Basin.

As of 8pm, it had 40 mph winds, and was headed due North. But most of the rain is East and headed towards Cuba and Florida.

Here's the Latest Info:

  • Its moving North at around 10 miles per hour
  • As the loop shows, its not well organized as the western side is almost cloud free as upper winds interact with it.
  • Most of the heavy rain (Shown in the dark red colors) is aiming for Western Cuba and Florida.

Where is it headed?

The official cone from NHC suggests a possible landfall north of Tampa. The entire West Coast could get a huge soaking.

There is a flood advisory for SW Florida as they may get up to 5 inches of rain.

There is also the possibility of coastal flooding and erosion due to the strong surf. The strongest it may get, is 50mph and that's from going over the warm waters of the Gulf.

Its moving too fast for it to capitalize on that warmth.

South Florida impacts:
The Keys can expect rough surf, specially on the Gulf side, with gusty winds and some rain totals of up to 4" are possible.

Miami Dade and Broward:
Our main impact will be in the form of rain. If any of that big blob of rain continues to move NE, the rain should start to move in on Monday. The timing will be up to "Colin". There is a chance for some gusty winds and possible street flooding.  This soggy weather may stick around through midweek.

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