Wednesday, June 1, 2016

NHC looking at area in Gulf

Wednesday was the official start of hurricane season and with 2 systems under the belt already, we are looking at what may happen next.  NHC is eyeing the possibility of a low developing over the next 5 days in the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico. NOTHING has developed yet, but models are hinting at conditions being favorable for a "Low" to be stirring by the weekend.

NHC is giving this possibility, a 20% chance of actually developing over the next 5 days.

The GFS model shows what could be a real soggy mess for us with heavy rain by next Monday from Western Cuba through much of Florida.

This is worthy of watching because early in the hurricane season we focus on the NW Caribbean, the Gulf and the Coastal waters of  the Middle Atlantic States, as areas favorable for development.

 Even if nothing happens, it does appear we will see the possibility of breezy conditions and tropical downpours by the start of next week.  

Its been an active year thus far, even outside of hurricane season. We can already check off 2 names on the list for this season.

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