Monday, May 12, 2014

If your grass needs water...

Better chance of rain from Wednesday through Friday.

It was a very nice and dry Mother's day weekend, but Mother Nature is asking for some rain here. Plenty of parched lawns and grass fires attest to that fact. It now seems we may get a good soaking by the middle to the end of this week.

I am looking at two areas that should impact South Florida in the days ahead.

  • Very, very out of season cold front
  • Patch of tropical rain

Lets begin with the front draped across the nation's mid section.

On the map you can see the blue line with small triangles attached, this is the leading edge of cold air.

This push of cold air flying South out of Canada, is making its way into the Mississippi River Valley, and running into warm moist air out of the Gulf of Mexico. This clash may lead to severe weather across Tornado Alley from Texas North through the Great Lakes.

This front is expected to get pushed Southeast by the jet stream and by Wednesday it should be somewhere across Florida's Panhandle. It will trap some moisture ahead of it giving us a better chance for rain.

The chance will increase through Friday when the front itself moves over South Florida.

Typically these fronts so out of season do not make it all the way here, but models are being very persistent so I'll keep a chance of rain through the end of the week.

Now lets look at the tropics for the area of clouds and rain.

This satellite picture is an enhanced infrared version. The darker greens, yellows and reds represent heavier rains.

The view is centered over Hispaniola. Cuba is to the left and South Florida in the Upper left corner.

This area of clouds and rain is by no means organized as you can see cloud movement in all directions.

For the moment its causing pesky rains for Puerto Rico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Even though most of the heavy rain is moving northeast, there is some approaching the Southeastern Bahamas.

Models suggest this rain should be near the NW Bahamas and South Florida by Wednesday or Thursday. This added moisture could make a soggy scenario for us even wetter.

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