Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Peak of Hurricane Season

September 10th marks the high point of hurricane activity in the Atlantic Basin, the midway point if you will of the season.  Lets hope the second half is just as quiet as the first.

This year has been rather dull in spite of all the high projections made at the start of the season.

So far we have seen 8 systems and all have been tropical storms, yet there is something interesting about the system we are presently tracking.

The Latest "First Hurricane"
The latest "first-hurricane" to manifest itself during the satellite era was Gustav on September 11th of 2002. It reached hurricane status at 8am.

As of Tuesday morning, Tropical Storm Humberto is in the Far Eastern Atlantic trying hard not to make history. It is forecast to become a hurricane later today keeping the old record intact. We'll be following closely.

This is the forecast track for Humberto:

Back from the Dead
Something else we are keeping tabs on is Gabrielle, back from the dead.  NHC says the remnants have regenerated and are back as a tropical storm aiming for Bermuda.

This is the forecast track for Gabrielle:

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