Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Eyes on the Caribbean

I have been waiting a few days to post on the area of disturbed weather in the Western Caribbean Sea. I wanted to see if it would get its act together and if it would impact us in any way shape or form.

Well the time has come:
There is a broad low pressure swirl sitting due east of the Yucatan. Most of the weak cloud banding is to the east of the Low as well as much of the heavy rainfall.

NHC has deemed it INVEST 97L. This means its an area they would like to investigate a little further.

A recon plane is scheduled to check it out Wednesday afternoon.

What we know:
It will dump plenty of rain across the Cayman Islands, Western Cuba, and the Yucatan .

The radar out of Grand Cayman shows most of the heavy rain moving northwest from the islands and into the Yucatan.

The weather office in Grand Cayman says there may be some street flooding possible if the rain sticks around much longer.

The center should move into the Gulf of Mexico by Thursday.

Where is it headed?
Once in the Gulf, there is plenty of hot water that could provide the energy it needs to get stronger. By Friday it should run into the jet stream moving west to east. and it should get pushed anywhere between Louisiana to Northern Florida.

What can we expect?
We will stay away from any direct impacts, but plenty of surrounding moisture could get pushed our way.

Most of the rain is staying east of the center so if nothing changes, we should see some of it getting displaced here in the upcoming days.

Under this scenario there will be a chance for rain through Sunday, maybe into the early part of next week.

I'll keep you posted.

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