Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wednesday Weather Flash

 Here is your complete weather update for Wednesday, July 11th.


  • We are stuck between high pressure over the Bahamas and a weak disturbance across the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the wind flow will be off the Atlantic Ocean dragging in tropical moisture and dumping it across South Florida. Whenever these pockets of moisture move in, we will see the chance for rain, so expect on and off anytime showers/storms.

  • There is a weak tropical wave across Hispaniola. If it holds, it may move in Wednesday night with a few showers and storms.

National Update: Watching 2 areas

  • The first. A cold front is expected to move over Montana early in the day, and across the Dakotas by nightfall. This should bring about the possibility of Severe Weather across that region.

  • The second. Warm air will stick around from Texas through Georgia. This region could once again see strong storms by afternoon.

In the Tropics:

  • Everything is quiet with only a few tropical waves moving East to West across the Atlantic. There is still some African dust floating across the Ocean keeping the atmosphere rather dry and not conducive for storm formation. The Bermuda High is still dominating and keeping conditions over the Atlantic very stable.


  1. Hey Phil, that Bermuda High/Azores High better begin breaking down soon enough, particularly its westward expansion, or else come August & September, it'll come back to bite Florida in the behind, if you will.

    It has been extremely powerful and very reluctant with its movement all season long, thus far. In about two weeks or so, when the Cape Verde season gets underway, if it hasn't either weakened or moved off to the east by then, then under that type of a steering pattern, it will be very difficult for anything that forms out there to head harmlessly out to seat up towards the Northern Atlantic. But rather, under such a steering pattern, the Caribbean Sea, the Southeast United States, and the Gulf of Mexico would all be in grave danger of possible landfalling tropical storms & hurricanes coming in from our east.

    Just some food for though, Mr Meteorologist.

    In case you hadn't noticed that already.

  2. You make a good point, but scientists are calling for the emergence of El Nino by August or September which, as you know, will make conditions unfavorable for hurricane formation. Those that do form tend to turn away from the US. Lets keep our fingers crossed that the high will weaken and El Nino will blossom, this way it will be a docile season.