Monday, July 30, 2012

New area to watch

The National Hurricane Center is watching an area of disturbed weather out in the Far Eastern Atlantic Ocean.

It is a weak tropical wave located about 800 miles Southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. This feature is producing showers and thunderstorms that could, in the long run, develop into something stronger. NHC is giving it a 20% chance for growth over the next 48 hours. NHC has deemed it an area worthy of further investigation and are now calling it INVEST 99L.

Right now the wave appears disheveled as it moves west, however, the Atlantic waters here are very warm so it will have enough fuel for growth. Upper winds appear weak and should not be a road block to the wave.

What is worrisome is the possible track this system could take if it develops. A series of early model runs suggest it could aim for the Lesser Antilles, then Puerto Rico and Hispaniola, followed by the Bahamas. It may end up impacting millions of people along its route.

All we can do right now is watch it carefully.


  1. I agree. Still too disorganized, but worthy of following carefully. Some intensity models have it as a hurricane down the road.

  2. Man Phil you are up early lol. Not saying I want one to come but I rather have the one we have coming than another Andrew if we wait too long.

  3. Lets keep our fingers crossed nothing major comes our way.