Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Invest 91 Tuesday Update

UPDATE: As of  Tuesday afternoon. NHC is now giving the low in the Gulf a 40% chance for growth.

As of Tuesday Morning:
We are still following INVEST 91 in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico.  It is moving ever so slowly towards the Northeast and is providing the Yucatan, Western Cuba, and the Keys with a constant soaking. 

All the moisture associated with this low is still set to move over us. Its been impacting the Keys since Monday night and is crawling along towards Mainland South Florida. If this blob of moisture makes it over Dade and Broward intact, we can expect some street flooding. I'll be watching it carefully.

The models insist on this feature aiming to North Florida. Even though it will not pass directly over us, it should still keep us on the wet side, so expect high chances for rain through Friday.

The bottom line is that this feature remains highly disorganized and because of that it is tricky to forecast.

As it slowly moves Northeast there is abundant moisture for rain, but just how much remains a mystery.

Some models show 3-5 to 8 inches over the next few days while others show much less. Regardless, we should be prepared for some pockets of heavy rain through the end of the week.

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