Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hottest year since the 1800's

Last year was the hottest by far across the world according to a report issued by NASA and NOAA.

On Wednesday, January 20th, NASA provided data showing global temps rising from 1970 thru 2015. The graph shows a steady rise in world wide temps starting around mid 20th century.

The info was compared using numbers from 1880 until 1899 when fossil fuel emissions were almost non existent. They concluded that since then, the earth has warmed up almost 2° Fahrenheit.  Most climatologists suggest this may be the tipping point where climate change may not be reversible.

The starting image begins in the early 70s as we are still relatively average....

And finish with imagery from the last 4 years showing a warmer planet.
 NASA adds, the same referenced time frame shows a continuation of a long term trend of global warming.

The heat was not only here , according to NASA,  "the month of December, 2015, 29 US states had the warmest December on record by nearly 6 degrees F, and parts of Europe also had a record warm December", they add  "the current El Niño has played a part in the warming, but 2015 would be a record with or without El Niño."

As you know, in 2015, South Florida had the hottest year since records have been kept starting in the late 1800's and also the warmest December on record. 

Local NWS says:
Lead NWS Miami Meteorologist Robert Molleda said, “If one word can describe South Florida’s weather in 2015, it would be HOT,” he concluded by saying, “It will go down as the hottest year on record at all four main climate sites.” 

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