Friday, February 8, 2013

One-two Winter Storm punch!

If the storm impacting the Northeast on Friday, had done so in the middle of summer, it would be classified as a tropical storm at the least.

It is one huge area of low pressure spinning just offshore New York and Massachusetts.
  • Top coastal winds may be as strong as a hurricane.
  • Choppy seas will be the norm through the weekend
  • Heavy rain at the beach will turn to snow and accumulations could go as high as 3 feet.

Plenty of winter storm and Blizzard warnings are in effect for much of the Northeast. Hundreds of flights are cancelled. And power outages can be expected overnight.

This Big Blizzard will be a one-two punch. First the actual dumping of snow, the second will be the clean up which could take days throughout many areas.

Speaking of a one-two punch... This is the second huge storm to impact the Northeast in less than one year. Just last summer they were hit by Super Storm "Sandy".  We hope the best for them.

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