Friday, October 26, 2012


Much is being said about what could happen once "Sandy" makes its arrival along the East Coast early next week.  It could mix in with a few other features in the atmosphere that could end up causing a big mess. This "Mess of a Storm" if you will, has been dubbed "Frankenstorm", because it could strike near Halloween.

So for you with friends and family along the East Coast, here is what we know.

  • At present, "Sandy" looks very weak on satellite imagery with clear skies,as well as dry air filtering on the Eastern side of the storm.
  • It should weaken and remain as a tropical storm for at least 36-48 hours while it stays a few hundred miles or so away from the US.
  • But, there is plenty of warm water due to the Gulf Stream current, and this could allow it intensify back to a hurricane.

Meanwhile, across Canada, there is an area of low pressure that is pushing along a cold front to the Southeast. Both of these systems are expected to clash somewhere along the Atlantic coast near Halloween.

Key things we should look at is how strong or weak Sandy will be when it gets there. Regardless, this is what the models indicate:

  • Rain: Anywhere between 5-10 inches. Some of this rain could even turn to snow.
  • Flooding: Good possibility along rivers, the coast, and low lying communities.
  • Wind: Depends on Sandy... but maybe even Hurricane Force Winds can't be ruled out.

Sandy has already caused devastation throughout its journey in the Caribbean and the Bahamas. I'm hoping it will only be a scare more than anything else as it approaches the East Coast down the road.

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